EKG (Electrocardiogram)

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EKG San Diego

A doctor uses an EKG or electrocardiogram to determine the seriousness of someone’s heart problems. Patients undergo an EKG for various reasons, most often because they are having chest pain, need an EKG for a physical examination or have recently had a heart attack. The EKG allows the doctor to measure the heartbeat rate and heartbeat rhythm. This allows the doctor to have a good indication of how well blood is flowing to the heart muscle from the arteries. With these calculations, the doctor can diagnose your condition and then administer the proper medications or treatment to the patient.

Doctors regularly use an EKG to evaluate all aspects of someone’s heart health. Aside from the sufficiency of the blood flow, they can determine if certain heart medications are effective for a patient. If the patient has heart disease or chest pains, the electrical activity measurements allow the doctor to determine the cause of these problems. Sometimes a person may be suffering from other diseases which are indirectly affecting the heart’s health. If so, this will be discovered too.

The EKG or electrocardiogram is actually a very simple type of test where the medical professional attaches electrodes onto the skin in order to analyze and calculate the electrical activity that is taking place in the heart. The electrodes are nothing more than small metallic discs which get attached to various locations on the body. These locations are specifically chosen and predetermined because it is at these locations that we can get the best measurement of the electrical activity of the heart. At the top of the heart, an electrical signal is created and then quickly moves to the bottom of the heart. This is what causes a heartbeat to occur. When a doctor analyzes this electrical activity, it comes out as wavy lines on a computer monitor or printed paper.

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