Brighton Dental San Diego: Featured Business

For San Diego residents and those in the surrounding area looking for a new dentist, Brighton Dental San Diego is a unique kind of dental office. Focused on holistic dentistry and pain-free dentistry, this patient-oriented practice does things differently than an old-fashioned dentist’s office.

Research in recent years has proven that bad overall health impacts the health of gums, teeth and other structures in and around the mouth. In a similar way, bad or worsening oral health causes heart disease and other chronic and acute health concerns with the whole body. As toxins, infection and mercury from unwise amalgam fillings spread across the body, the range of health problems that can result is almost unlimited. A holistic dentist treats the body as a whole, often resulting in better overall health – not just better dental health.


Beyond Holistic Dentistry

Brighton Dental San Diego is a biocompatible, holistic dental office that has gained some level of recognition even beyond its service area, but for patients, the practice is about more than just holistic dentistry. This “gentle dental” office is known for patient respect and comfort.

Many people are fearful of dental offices and dentists because of traumas from the past. But these traumas can be alleviated in many ways – including through aromatherapy, acupressure and other alternative medicine and spa-like approaches. Additionally, when patients realize that an office is using modern dental practices like low-power digital x-rays, drilling-free filling techniques when possible and taking advantage of other advances, this can help put their minds at rest.

Brighton Dental’s front office makes things easier on patients by being gentle with their schedules, offering appointment choices and not dictating when a patient must come without offering an alternative. Established patients don’t have to wait weeks or months for urgent dental care either.

Additionally, pricing at Brighton Dental San Diego is in line with other dental offices in the area. Dental insurance is accepted in many cases, and there are other ways to arrange payment as well. The people in their front office are friendly and seem on our visits to seek solutions rather than putting up roadblocks.


Professionals At The Helm

Brighton Dental San Diego is led by Dr. Paige Woods, an experienced biological dentist with a history of success in patient care and in advancing the industry through published works on topics like bonding and microabrasion in teeth care and cosmetic dentistry. She graduated from Loma Linda University’s well-regarded School of Dentistry after initial studies in the sciences at the undergraduate level. She is a member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. She is also a frequent participant in pro bono projects locally and abroad.

Brighton Dental San Diego was started by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a recognized pioneer in holistic dentistry who still works in the practice regularly. The team is supported by trained dental hygienists, dental assistants and other support staff.


A Full-Service Approach

Rather than being specialists, Brighton Dental San Diego is a holistic and pain-free dental clinic that offers services of all types for the whole family. This includes restorations for better chewing, cosmetic dentistry for a more appealing look and preventative services to reduce the need for restorations and cosmetic work in the future.

Teeth whitening services and invisible braces are among the services most often requests of today’s dentists, and these services are available from Dr. Woods and Dr. Vinograd as well.

Those who are desperate for dental treatment but apprehensive about going to the dentist’s office can benefit from the unique approach of a holistic dentist who practices pain-free dentistry. At Brighton Dental San Diego, the spa-like experience is unlike what many people remember from the past.

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