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COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

The Chinese Government has issued strict COVID-19 testing requirements for foreign travelers trying to enter China. Even though COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in other parts of the world, China still takes the virus seriously. That is why they require foreigners to visit two CLIA-certified laboratories (one every 24 hours) and undergo a PCR test at each laboratory.

PCR tests are the most effective at detecting the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. The lab technicians will amplify your RNA (ribonucleic acid) to look for traces of the genetic material. You will receive negative test results if they don’t find any traces of it. The requirement is to get negative test results once every 24 hours from separate CLIA-certified laboratories. Contact our urgent care clinic to learn more about COVID-19 tests for travel to China, or to schedule your appointment to get tested: (858) 412-6066

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Some CLIA-certified laboratories will report your test results to your local Chinese Embassy or the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China. Chinese officials will want to see official reports of your negative test results and copies of your name, address, passport, visa, vaccine information, and COVID-19 infection history. If you use laboratories unwilling to send this information on your behalf, you’ll have to send it to the Chinese Embassy yourself.

Health Declaration Certificate

The PCR tests must be taken consecutively within 48 hours before your flight to China. Once the first test results come back negative, you must take the second test within 24 hours before your flight. If those test results come back negative as well, the next step is to apply for a health declaration certificate to verify you’re a traveler who is not sick with COVID-19.

You’ll have a chance to upload the required documentation to the Chinese Embassy, such as copies of your valid visa, passport, negative PCR test results, etc. The Chinese Embassy officials will verify the documentation and application information submitted to ensure its authenticity. The Chinese Embassy will issue you a health declaration certificate if the authenticity has been validated. You’ll need to bring this health declaration certificate to the airport, or you won’t be allowed into China.

Some Chinese cities have COVID-19 quarantine requirements for foreign travelers too. Therefore, get ready to spend anywhere from 7 to 14 days in quarantine after arriving in China.

Visit Medical Care San Diego for COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

covid-19 test for travel chinaDo you need to find reputable CLIA-certified laboratories to undergo your required PCR tests in San Diego? If so, Medical Care San Diego can provide you with one of the two required PCR tests at our CLIA-certified laboratory in San Diego. Our lab technicians are well-trained and fully approved to conduct PCR tests on anyone wishing to travel to countries that require them to undergo this PCR testing, such as China. The PCR test results should not take more than 48 hours to be released. Most people get their test results on the same day as the test. That should make things easier for you when attempting to satisfy the Chinese Embassy’s 48-hour requirement. We’ll issue the official PCR test results to you as soon as they are ready. Contact our urgent care clinic to learn more about COVID-19 tests for travel to China, or to schedule your appointment to get tested: (858) 412-6066

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