covid-19 test for travel to japan

COVID-19 Test for Travel to Japan

The Japanese Government continues to impose COVID-19 testing requirements for international travelers wishing to enter Japan. The more significant restrictions are placed on travelers with Chinese passports or a recent history of traveling to China. As you may know, the COVID-19 outbreak began in China and has continued to infect record numbers of people throughout the country. And now that the Chinese Government has lifted many of its harsh travel restrictions, countries like Japan are taking precautions to protect their citizens from potentially infected travelers. Call us at (858) 412-6066 to schedule your COVID-19 test for travel to Japan.

Learn About COVID-19 Tests for Travel to Japan

Point of Entry Restrictions for COVID-19

japan covid-19 test for travel

Starting on December 30th, 2022, the Japanese Government requires point-of-entry COVID-19 testing to be done on all passengers flying to Japan from China on direct flights. Anyone who has traveled to China within the last seven days must undergo a point-of-entry test. This requirement does not include passengers coming from Macau or Hong Kong. If the point of entry test results come back negative, the passengers can enter Japan as usual. But if the test results return positive, the person will be required to stay at a government-designated hotel to undergo a 7-day quarantine. Once they wait for seven days, they will be tested again. If the results return negative at that point, the passenger will be permitted to enter Japan. We also offer COVID-19 test for travel to China.

Vaccination Requirements

Unvaccinated travelers coming to Japan must take a COVID-19 test at an authorized location and produce a certificate showing negative test results within 72 hours of taking a direct flight to Japan. This requirement does not apply to passengers taking a connecting flight to other countries or regions.

Vaccinated travelers are not required to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test. All they have to do is present a valid vaccination certificate or certificate of inspection at the airport in the country where they are departing for Japan. But if they experience COVID-19 symptoms upon arriving in Japan, they will be required to take a test once they get there.

How to Take a Pre-Departure COVID-19 Test for Travel

Are you traveling to Japan from the San Diego area? If so, you can take your required pre-departure COVID-19 test at Medical Care San Diego.

We are an official testing center with a CLIA-certified laboratory. You can visit our laboratory at Medical Care San Diego to undergo a PCR test. This particular test looks for traces of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ genetic material inside of you, which is the virus responsible for causing COVID-19. If the test results come back negative, we will issue you a negative test results certificate as proof of fulfilling this travel requirement. Then you can present the certificate at the airport before departing for Japan.

In addition, all visa exemption restrictions were lifted on October 11th, 2022. If you’re a traveler with a passport from the United States, you can resume entering Japan without a visa for up to 3 months. However, you still have to fulfill the basic entry requirements regarding COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

Visit Medical Care San Diego for a COVID-19 Test for Travel to Japan

Are you ready to schedule an appointment to take your required COVID-19 test before traveling to Japan? Medical Care San Diego offers official PCR tests at our CLIA-certified laboratory in San Diego.

Call us at (858) 412-6066 to schedule your COVID-19 test for travel to Japan.

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