Antigen COVID-19 Testing for London

Antigen COVID-19 Testing for Travel to London

Traveling to London? Starting February 11, 2022, the United Kingdom has rolled out new guidelines for travel. If you do not qualify for the UK’s fully vaccinated policy, you MUST take a COVID test prior to boarding.

Testing must be completed within two days of travel with a negative result before your flight’s departure. The accepted tests are a nucleic acid test such as the PCR and an Antigen Test. Medical Care San Diego provides both options. Our PCR results are available in less than six (6) hours and our Antigen Test results are available in less than 20 mins. If you need Antigen COVID-19 testing for travel to London, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 412-6066

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The Antigen Test has become widely popular because the results are available much sooner than the PCR. And like the PCR tests, its results meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml. For entry into London your test results must be negative with the test taken 48 hours or less before flight.

You must have your results in hand before you arrive for your flight, it will be checked by an official before you are cleared for travel. Medical Care San Diego is open seven (7) days a week and we will gladly test and return your results in sufficient time for your flight. If you are tested and the results are positive, you will not be allowed to travel. Positive results from a PCR or Antigen Test will not be accepted for travel to London and most countries. With or without symptoms, you will need to test again in a few days or more, depending on your local city’s COVID guidelines.

Antigen COVID-19 Testing for London travelLondon is a popular city for travel, and now that they are accepting Antigen Tests, finding testing locations has never been easier. Medical Care San Diego has been testing clients for travel throughout the pandemic. They make it trouble-free when making an appointment to fit your busy schedule, their testing process is less than five (5) minutes and they make sure all your information is accurate for smooth travel. But the best part is, the Antigen Test results will be available to you in less than 20 minutes.

When booking with Medical Care San Diego you have the option to book online through their website or by calling (858) 412-6066 and asking to speak with their COVID scheduling coordinator. With the phone lines open 24/7, they are available to you in all time zones. You can be confident with them when booking your appointment.

Medical Care San Diego is easily accessible in the beautiful city of La Jolla. They are five minutes from the Pacific Ocean and the area is surrounded with restaurants for a quick bite and boutique shops for shopping. Feel free to explore the neighborhood before or after your appointment

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